413 Error while publishing Workflow


I am trying to publish Workflow but I am getting attached error while publishing.

Hey there,
Try this.

Thanks for your reply… i have followed the steps and able to publish the workflow.

I have couple of Questions here regarding the orchestrator.

1)In the demo video they have provided URL https://academy2016.uipath.com/ which is different URL which is mentioned in the steps “https://demo.uipath.com”. So which URL i have to use now?.
2)I have published the workflow but i am not able to see the workflow in the Orchestrator demo URL “Process” tab
3)When i connected by Robot with “https://academy2016.uipath.com/” URL and ROBOT key i am not able to publish the workflow and getting the same 413 error
4)When i connected by Robot with demo URL and Robot key i am able to able to publish the Workflow but not able to see the workflow in the demo url “process tab”

Please help me on this.



Can anyone please reply to my questions.

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Hi Narayana,

From my understanding you are taking the Orchestrator 2016.2 training in Academy. Since it’s for the 2016.2 version, it’s recommended to use https://academy2016.uipath.com/.
The other one, https://demo.uipath.com/, is the same with https://platform.uipath.com/ and it’s the Orchestrator Community Edition. It has the latest released version(now 2018.1.0) to match the latest Studio&Robot version.

  1. If you are taking the course you should use https://academy2016.uipath.com/, but if any errors the platform link should be like a workaround.

  2. & 4. If your Robot is connected to Orchestrator and you publish successfully from Studio, you will find your package in Packages page. Navigate to Processes and then you’ll see the Packages tab. In order for it to appear in Processes page you will have to deploy it: in Processes page, click the “+” button(deploy process button), select the Package name and version and click Deploy. After deploying you will be able to Start a job on that Process.

  3. It may be related to this error: Upload Package error (token A in JSON at position 0) where you cannot add a Package manually. That’s because the Packages page contains too many packages and my colleagues need to delete some of them(they are working on it).

I would recommend to use https://platform.uipath.com/ since it’s the latest version and even though there are some changes from the 2016.2 version, i am sure you can correlate them.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

PS: here is the Orchestrator user guide(2016.2 & 2017.1 versions and 2018.1 will be released today): https://orchestrator.uipath.com/v2017.1/. You will find there detailed steps on how to deploy a process or anything you need.

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Thanks… I am able to run the robot from the Orchestrator