403 Forbidden to downloading community edition



I had requested community edition and received letter with link to downloading application but I’ve got 403 Frobidden when use it. Could you help me please with this issue?


Please check your firewall/network restrictions.


Hi Vlad,

Please check this post:


Is there Ukraine in this list? I’m in Kiev.


Yes, it is sadly. Please send a mail to sales.support@uipath.com following the instructions in the post I’ve shared above and they will send you the installer.


I’ve sent already. Thanks for info.

I’ve received following response

Dear Sender,

Thank you for contacting UiPath.
Please note that this mailbox is no longer monitored.

You can now submit your request by following the steps below:

  1.  Go to https://www.uipath.com/contact-us
  2.  Choose the topic related to your request.
  3.  Fill out the request details.
  4.  Click on "Submit".

Thank you,
UiPath Team


Do you have linux verasion of UiPath?


No, UiPath only works on Windows.