365 Get Mail Filter and Wrong Received Date

I have two issues while using Get mail activity.

  1. The received date of the email is incorrect - Uipath says I received the email on the 12/13/2021 22:56:24 ( mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss format) but in my inbox I received the email on 12/14/2021 08:56:23. I am making a excel Dt with received time and date and I want to use local date.
  2. How to filter only today’s email.

Hey @ravindar.singh

What is the name of the activity and the version?

Does it have the filter expression field?
If so, why don’t you try:
“[Received] >= '” + DateTime.Today.ToString(“d”) + " 00:00AM’"

If it doesn’t can you use a different Mail acitivity?

Take a look at the documentation for ‘Get Outlook Mail Messages’ activity (uipath.com).

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Thanks @Steven_McKeering for your response. That didnt worked and I already had a look at that linked and seems likes its not working. I also have looked on Use query parameters to customize responses - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn.
I can hard code the date but its not ideal.
Cant use another mail activity due to business rules.
Thanks anyway


Can you use an assign activity to assign each the current date. Then insert it?

I did tried that earlier but that didn’t worked.
I got the following error

The only solution I found is use IF activity but then the issue is received date. My local computer date is different to email received date and time - almost 10 hour difference


What mail activity are you using?

Get Mail - office 365

Can you try using this Mail activity instead?



Then you can insert a filter expression from the above documentation link. You could specify a filter expression for ‘Today + 10 hours’ to match the time difference.

Does that help?

I am unable to use any other activity due to work requirements . 365 office get mail is creating a headache lol.
Thanks anyway. Hopefully will find a solution ( finger crossed)

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