30 Robots Update at the same time (automatic with Orchestator?)


i have a question. How can I update several robots in the same way? Can I do that through the Orchestrator? Or do I have to do this manually with the UiPathStudio.msi? I can not find a puntk for it in the Orchestator.

For example: I have 30 robots and they all need to be updated. And i dont want to do it manually.

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Hello, there are several ways for you to update the robot as mentioned in this guide:https://robot.uipath.com/docs/updating-the-robot

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Hey @strqsr,

thank you for the quick answer. But with the manual, I can not update the robot automatically. I do not want to log in and do it manually. Is there no other possibility?


Hi @JanLuetje,
I guess you have all 30 machines in one domain right?

  1. Then allow remote scripting for powershell for all computers (use GPO).
  2. Place your MSI file in network share (to which all computers have access).
  3. Prepare file with name of DNS name or IP address of all needed computers like:


  1. Run script (example):
$credential - Get-Credential
$computer_list = (Get-Content C:\path to list\list.txt)
$msi_file = "// where MSI file is/"
foreach ($computer in $computer_list)
     Invoke-Command $computer -Credential $credential -scriptblock {$msi_file/UiPathStudio.msi ADDLOCAL=Robot,RegisterService,Packages,StartupLauncher

In theory it should take each IP or computer name and install on it robot from the MSI package with mentioned parameters. I haven’t tested it but I think it should work.

If you are interested more about prefixes and options see here:


Hi @Pablito,

thank you very much for your reply. I’ll try it :slight_smile:

But will there ever be a feature of UiPath that takes over? e.g. in the Orchestrator?

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Hard to say if there will be any feature like this. Most of domain environments are using machines provisioned with use of golden image. In that case updating robot is just a couple of minutes. Just opening image in new version, update the robot, close the image and then scheduled midnight reboot (no user session affected).

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