2022-wk49 Last week in RPA on YouTube

What happened in the #rpa channels on YouTube last week? Here are videos released from 2022-12-05 thru 2022-12-11 by various creators.

Find a YouTube playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLruuV36qJJXccBDylmuLBXqu4xAgy_pA6

:point_right: Act Automate (Mahmoud TV)

  • UiPath | SequenceEqual Operator - LINQ | LINQ Tutorials | LINQ Operators | LINQ For Beginners

:point_right: AutoBot by Rahul

  • UiPath - New Collection Activities | Build, Append, Merge, Filter & remove collection items

:point_right: Automate with Rakesh

  • Batch Remove Trailing Whitespace in a Text | Batch Script Tutorial
  • How to Create Filename with Date Time in Windows Batch Script
  • How to Call Batch File from a Batch File
  • Batch Script to Delete Files in a Folder
  • Batch File to Collect System Information

:point_right: Harika Mudiam

  • Letz celebrate our next milestone 2.5k subs. Thank you YouTube Family

:point_right: Nikhilesh Sathyavarapu

  • #chatgpt #rpacommunity #uipathcommunity #uipathrpa #itcompany #rpa #chatgpt

:point_right: RPA Jargon Buster

  • IA Simplified (full): AP Automation: Embracing E-Invoicing in Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs

:point_right: Reboot the work - UiPath

  • UiPath Tutorial | Init All Application in Re-Framework
  • UiPath Tutorial | Get Transaction Data in Re-Framework
  • UiPath Tutorial | Dispatcher in UiPath (Filtering the data and uploading into Queue)
  • UiPath Tutorial | Process Transaction (Navigation and String Manipulation)
  • UiPath Tutorial | Process Transaction in Re-Framework

:point_right: Sharath Raju

  • RPA UiPath Project - Generate Employee Id And Mail Project
  • RPA UiPath Project - RPA Challenge(Beginner level)

:point_right: Tutorials by Mukesh Kala

    1. UiPath RPA Developer Best Practices | Project Organization | RPA Projects UiPath
  • UiPath | Login to a website / Application Logic Explained | What and How Series | RPA
  • 25 [Hindi] : Orchestrator UiPath Tutorial In Hindi | Basics of Orchestrator | RPA |

:point_right: UiPath Video Tutorials made by Cristian Negulescu

  • Extracting Chapters with times from Youtube