2022.10 - Get Asset Activity - Variables not getting Passed when Created with Ctrl+K

Steps to Recreate -

  1. Create a Text Asset in Orchestrator
    Name : FullPath
    Value : D:\Data

  2. Take a Get Asset activity and Configure the same.

  3. In Output , Create a Variable using Ctrl+K - say Str_Path as Shown in Scrrenshot

  4. Attempt to Print

  5. The value of the variable is Not Set - However If we use an exisitng variable then it works.

Attached below is the screenshot for the same - We can see the value in the Debug Panel of the Get Asset Activity - However the variable is Null

Hey @mukeshkala

I gave it a test on Studio 2022.12 and with System 22.10.4 and it no longer reproduces:

Would yo mind updating the System package and giving it a try?