2021.10 excel_read_range not correct

Hi, I found 2021.10 new excel read rang not correct:
When I use class excel the row count is 5
But in new 2021.10 excel rou count is 9, but have 4 blank.
The excel is download in ACME website.

Attended - Test Data Set 1 - New Accounts.xlsx (10.6 KB)



I feel it is due to hidden rows are present in the excel file. the new read range activity able to read all the hidden rows that’s why count we are getting is wrong.

Could you try clicking the visible rows check box in the read range and try. Thanks.


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As I tried with your excel and checked here, yes it was showing 9 instead of 5

Then later I removed all rows which are blank, then the result is as below


So there was some issue with the input file itself

Still you can go ahead by using Filter datatable and make a condition as EntryNo is not null

Hope this will help you


Hi Srini84,
Thanks for your help, just a little confuse, when using class modern excel, the row count is 5, but with the 2021.10 the result is 9.


Yeah, I also faced this type of issue when I use the classic and modern

But I tried with other excel files and it was giving correct result with the modern excel

So we can’t say that activitiy fault, that’s the reason I told you that some issue with the input file


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