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Having joined UiPath in the first half of 2017, I consider myself fortunate to have experienced it for a short while as a scale-up company with a startup mindset, but also to have been part of the exciting journey of it becoming the global organization it is today.


It was probably during the first all hands meeting I attended that I heard UiPath Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Dines mentioning customer centricity as one of the core tenets of the company. “Guys, the customer knows better and is smarter than us,” he was pointing out. More than three years down the line, we believe this made all the difference for the company. More on this a bit later on.


There is a common sentiment for everyone in UiPath to keep honoring our roots and giving back. And it’s the very thing that birthed an exciting initiative, the UiPath Automation Awards CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) & Turkey. The competition was pioneered last year by our Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Vargha Moayed. In his own words:


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