2019.8 Tasks feature - where is it?

I’ve just installed 2019.8 preview Orchestrator that was released a short while ago. One of the features we are interested in after watching the demo day is ‘Tasks’.

The issue is I can’t seem to find anywhere in the Orchestrator UI where I can enable this…can anyone advise how to do this?

Also where is the ‘Orchestration Process’ template in studio? I have installed 2019.8 for that as well but it is not visible.


You can find this at the time of creating new process.

Hey @abossy,

the UiPath devs doesnt make it stable intime so it remains in the beta branch until 2019.9.
If you want to test it out you need to switch back your studio to 2019.8-beta. But unfortunate there isn´t any public beta Orchestrator instances which can be used with this feature to proper test it out.

It seems we have to wait a bit more :slight_smile:.

Best Regards

Hi @abossy, Task Management is part of our Digital Process Automation (DPA) capabilities, in addition to Long-Running Workflows. Those are currently in private preview at the moment, let me pass your information to the right people and we’ll get back to you over email.