2019.7.0 Required i/o argument not enforced

In a library I have 2 arguments (one in and one in/out) that are both marked as required. However, in the flow where I am using the library, only the in argument is enforced (generating error in it’s absence)

@loginerror are these reports tracked somewhere?

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Hi @c.ciprian

We are manually going over most posts for valuable insights to add them to our internal ideas tracker.
As is, your post is now in it and ready to be considered by our team for future releases.

For pure ideas/feedback like this one, the User Voice: Ideas section would be the best fit.
It’s here #user-voice:ideas

Hi @loginerror

I have put it over here as input arguments were already enforced and I thought this is a bug not to have also enforced the i/o. :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking this into account

I suppose it makes sense from a design point to not enforce the in/out argument and this is why it is like it is currently, but it won’t hurt to point to it again for someone from our product team to verify the behaviour :slight_smile:

This must be clear and it is not. When selecting Direction In/Out the message is clear that a default value is not supported.
Still, checking IsRequired does not yield the expected behaviour.


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