2019.6 Generate authentication bearer token using old API

Hi. I was just wondering if there’s a different way (or a different API to call) for me to authenticate my start job without going through the whole process of:

Getting Token to Use in Your API Calls

  1. Generating Code Challenge and Code Verifier
  2. Getting Authorization Code
  3. Getting Refresh Token

This whole process is quite tiring to do everyday, I’ve thought of making an automation in the 2nd step (Getting Authorization Code - Orchestrator Login), but before I do that of course I need to authenticate that certain robot.

Remember that before we had this new set of Cloud APIs we used to authenticate using this API:
https://platform.uipath.com/api/account/authenticate and just provide the following Request Body:

“tenancyName” : “Documentation”,
“usernameOrEmailAddress” : “Documentation”,
“password” : “DocumentationAPItest”

I wanted to get a bearer token from this old API but every time I attempt to do so I get the following error:
It’s either the data I supplied is wrong or is the API is no longer working?

If the data I supplied is wrong, can you please help me populate them?