2019.4 Start a process if there are no active processes

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Prompt, please, whether there is an opportunity to make process start, proceeding from the received statuses of other processes. For example, I have one process #1 that runs on a schedule every 5 minutes. I want it to start running only if there is no other process #2 in the queue in the running state. Now at me process #1 rises passes to the status of pending and through 5 more minutes I receive an error “The robots already have pending jobs for this Process”
The condition is simple, if process#2 is not started, then process#1 can be started
Please help how this can be implemented

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Thats a good question
the thing is whenever we have developed a process…before testing we would have set a SDD document where we would have a parameter named Average time taken by a process to execute completely
–and with that we would have done many testing
–so based on that only we need to set the schedule…like it takes 10 mins of usual timing then we need to set a schedule with time interval of 10 mins between each consequtive runs
–by that we wont face any issue of pending state due to previous run

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Good afternoon, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, each time the process processes with a different time.

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but we would have an average value na…do we have any such