2019.10 Installation using Existing Database


Can I use an previously used database (2018.4) for 2019.10.18 Orchestrator fresh installation(not upgrade)?

I’m getting below error when I pass existing database, but in the documentation there is a note saying we can pass the previously used Database with a broken link(The Windows Installer).

Please clarify. Thanks.


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hi @vvaidya
When your new setup creating orchestrator database its going as default name as its having (if you didn’t change it)

so, when you creating the new one change your orchestrator DB name to something else , will create your new DB

Another DB LEVEL Solution : if you dont need your existing db anymore or there are no any dependencies , just rename your existing orchestrator db and try again :blush:

if im not mistaken this is the point

I’m trying to create a parallel 2019.10 environment with new servers instead of upgrading the current servers. I don’t want to create new DB, so I restored the back up of existing 2018.4 DB & trying to use it in the 2019.10 installation as I don’t want to lose data, but the installation doesn’t allow. I remember previous versions (2018.4 and before) used to accept the existing DB during new setup (not upgrade)

Also, let’s say if I go with new DB, are there any scripts to get retrieve data from Old DB?

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@vvaidya got your point ,
as the guidance says that 2018.x can be directly update to the 2019 orchestrator
but the relent page is not found in the uipath site(404)

So just try with a new one is how about ?
1.restoring the old backup in to you new …
2.import/export data…
How about to using these fetchers to get ur old data.

But , I’m not really sure whether new db tables are excactly same to the old ones (mean of table fields).

Update : This didn’t work with Platform Installer, but was able to set up new ORCH using UiPathOrchestrator.msi using command line argument.

UiPathOrchestrator.msi APP_ENCRYPTION_KEY=encryption_key_from_old_installation