2018.4 Community Beta Release


Rookie mistake, Rich. We don’t recommend this :slight_smile:

But nice comeback, thanks for sharing, I am sure others have faced the same. :wink:


Well if you built the software properly it would handle multiple installs…also it would clear out the appdata so I don’t have to…automation my ar…m! :smiley:

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #45

Hey @Gabriel_Tatu @MirceaGrigore @badita @ovi

I just Update my Version.
I get some minor issues but very useful for UI perspective and development.

With some activites i mean mostly like invoke method, while and and some more i am facing issues like when trying to write in the activity design input box it is getting covered like below snapshot in both Classic and Dark Mode.


it is overriding scrolling layout so have to use property text editor to use further extension methods.

and one more while changing or browsing Datatype of variables ok
button lable will fade away in dark mode.



Hi @aksh1yadav

Thanks for reporting, we’ll look into it :slight_smile:

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I agree. We are using GIT as well and have a lot of manual work to make it work for UIPath. Would rather do something integrated.


@badita @loginerror

Just to add to this, when I open Selector’s Expression Editor its content is almost invisible like this


Once I click inside the editor then it resizes automatically and content becomes visible


Even in this the DataType shown above the text area is not visible properly.




Thanks, we’ll tune it as well.

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Hey Some more :slight_smile: Screenshots :slight_smile:


  • DataScrapping Wizard - Dark Mode :slight_smile:

  • Import Namespace Pane - Dark Mode. kind of black black ^^

-ScreenScrapping wizard Font colors - Dark Mode

screenScrapping -
In short Theme modes font colors are a kind of prob for a User interface interaction at the time of development



Hey! @candy25 How were you able to get it? Couldn’t find the theme selection option in the settings after switching it to beta.


Will you verify cross check your Studio version after switching to beta?



Couple of comments:

UiExplorer should also be in Dark Mode when it opens to avoid a lawsuit for blinding!

When Studio starts it’d be cool if were a dark navy rather than the UiPath blue


removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #58
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Can someone please confirm that this is out of Beta and 2018.4 can be used enterprise wide? It seems this was only released for Community Version.

Also concerned this is released with known bugs.

If its not ready, do we have a date when it will be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


AFAIK, the 18.4.1 is out for enterprise folks on 12th December as LTS version.


I am very interested in learning videos of Uipath academy.
I would like to try the assignment 2 in level 3. But the work item 4 is still in year 2017 and 2018.
Very unfortunately, there is only year 2018 and 2019 in “Download Monthly Report”(in ACME system 1),I think i could not finish the assignment now.
Could your company please update the work items and the process design document or add year 2017 in “Download Monthly Report”


Hi @DongyuanWu,

For assignment 2 in level 3 - Generate Yearly Report, you should use the previous year. So, for this year you should download monthly reports for 2018 and generate the 2018 report.
Please ignore the date of the Work Item, that represent the date when the work item was generated (actually it’s a random date) and has no purpose in this exercise.
We will update the PDD to replace 2017 with “previous year” but until then please use “2018” everywhere it says “2017”.

Best regards


Hi Guys,

My studio is in Enterprise edition. Is there a way I could update my studio to 2018.4 even though I’m not in Community edition? Thanks!



As you said, you are using Enterprise Edition. So, you can contact UIpath support and request studio 2018.4.

If you want you can download it from UIpath site and you will get latest one 2019.4 but not 2018.4