2018.4.3 database activities

Hello we just upgrade everything to 2018.4.3 and in the studio I can’t find the activities related to databases. In the previous version they were in the UiPath.Database.Activities but i can’t find this package in the new version

So i can’t create a database connection or execute a query :

And, worst, i can’t open one of my job which was doing that :

Anybody ran into the same issue?

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Hi @ceddoc

The package is part of our official feed:

Could you double check that Studio is not blocked by any protection/firewall software?

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Hello, I think you’re right and that this time the company proxy is blocking me.

Is there a way to give a proxy to UiPath studio?

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Please follow this thread.
Robot-Orchestrator connection: Error (407) Proxy Authentication Required - #2 by loginerror

I set my Proxy into NuGet.Config and UiPath.Service.Host.exe.config but I still can’t find any package from the official feed, did I miss a proxy configuration location?

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Have you added this package source: https://www.myget.org/F/workflow/

If not then go to Manage package and click on Settings on left hand side then add it and check.


It was ok.

I found the issue, i wasn’t trusting some of the certificate, once I added them to my trusted certification autorities, everything went fine.


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