2018.3 Early access - Beta release

I have a few gripes with this.

  1. Updates are forced and silent. I’m on the stable (default) channel, and UIPath quietly updated to 2018.3. Not cool, even less cool because of #2
  2. Version numbers are Major.Minor.Patch. Major may include breaking changes, Minor must not, but may add new features, Patch should include only fixes. 2018.3 includes Breaking changes to the file format that cause previous versions (that didn’t update because of firewall rules for example) to be unable to open workflows. Please read https://semver.org/ and stick to it. Everyone will be happier.

Just a small and not critical, but found a bug.

  1. Set “For Each” Activity to Sequence.
  2. Add annotation to “For Each” Activity.
  3. Change “TypeArgument” Property.
  4. Then annotation has gone.

Thank you for reporting @Honoka

I checked and this bug is already on the menu :slight_smile:
It will be handled.


Sorry to forget details.

UiPath Studio 2018.3.0 Community Edition / EXE Installer
(Currently stable version)

UiPath.System.Activities 18.3.6848.19314
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 18.3.6468.19335

I’m relieved to hear it’ll be handled :slight_smile:

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Hi all…
I just download UiPath studio version 2018.3 and got this exception when running my code.

How can i download UiPath Robot Version 2018.3 and how to start the service?

Thank you…

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I had this issue when I updated to 2018.3. Followed a lot of posts from the community but nothing actually worked out for me. Ended up uninstalling and installing a fresh version with connectivity to internet without firewalls. That worked for me. You can download it the from uipath.com



Hi @annisa.silvy

This issue is caused by Robot Service being stuck on an old version with Studio updated to a new version. A fix is indeed to reinstall the app and make sure that the UiPath processes are killed in the Task Manager. More information here:

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Hi @loginerror

I already reinstalled the app and the UiPath robot has shown but still offline. My problem now is i can’t login to platform.uipath.com (Orchestrator)… Is there something wrong with the orchestrator or only me which can’t login? Because i can’t login since yesterday.

Thank you…

@ovi ,I han finished some project in old access,in new version,and I need to open the project in server that the studio cannot update and it is an old version ,if I want to test my code ,I have to finish the project again in old version studio.Could you have any suggests for this? .

Hi @annisa.silvy

Could you try accessing it through demo.uipath.com? Both addresses are the same service, but we are still investigating why one of them does not work for some users.

I closed this topic as the version 2018.3.1 is out as Stable release.
Please create a new topic in case you need more assistance :slight_smile: