2018.3 Early access - Beta release

Yes it worked now, just too eager i guess :smiley:

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:smiley: enjoy! Let us know your thoughts about the changes.

I have added the “Restart Studio” step anyways. So it would be clear for everyone.

I can’t seem to find this activity even after searching through all the new packages :frowning:

This activity was initially planned for another activity pack. And it was decided to include it in UiPath.System.Activities. But in the next beta build it will be visible.


Oh and while we did all of this we also localized the entire product . Japanese is now available and other language packs will come soon.

Yes, this news is very exiting for me.

However, I feel it takes for a time to get used to Japanese Style Activity pane, because names and display orders are changed.
Anyway, it’s good for new Japanese users! :slight_smile:


We are expecting to get exactly this kind of feedback. :slight_smile:

It seems like some of the French translations aren’t quite working correctly.

The activities aren’t translated, and some of them aren’t even appearing and/or are broken:


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That’s true, @AndrewB. Only Japanese is fully localized, the rest of the languages are work in progress. This is a beta release and that’s why the dropdown is there containing every language we are currently working on.


Hi @ovi,
New version is excellent. I like very much at first look.This version really had been taken the user voices and ideas. Really the UiPath is great .Because it considered the each and every user’s valid points. Great :smile:



Hi @ovi
I appreciate the release of the beta version.

I downloaded it according to the procedure.
After that I couldn’t access Google, so I installed a new extension.
Should I do something else?
For example, to install something…

Thank you.

Please provide the option to write coding in C# instead only in VB. Many members are early waiting for that option because most of the people like the C# coding and VB is bit old as well.

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Hi @mths

Yes, in this beta build it’s a known issue that the extension should be installed again. The fix is in progress.

Thank you for pointing it out and confirming. Enjoy!

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Hey @VasuNaidu

Yes, this is a long requested feature. Please check Badita’s answer in this post, it will be out in the 2019 version:

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The new features are amazing.
For project dependencies, it seems that we will need to re-install the required packages if we start with a new project. Is there a way to add more packeages into the default dependancies?

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Me, too. Cannot find the custom input forms. Also cannot find the insert datatable from the Word package.

Amazing, there are lot of features i want to use already!

Any idea when this version is expected to be stable?

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Hey @Tim, which did you have in mind or you feel are missing from defaults and why?

Very soon @evarisnea :slight_smile:

Definitely on the roadmap. We’ve made a first step towards this with updating .Net requirements to 4.6.1.

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I’m really glad you like the new features @balupad14. I hope they will be useful to you.