2018.3 beta - no new Excel activities displayed

I don´t see any new Excel activities. Uninstalled and reinstalled excel activities but i see only previously available activities.

Hi Mikko,

This is a beta release and there are a few steps you need to check in order for the actvities to be displayed:

  • add the beta feed(https://www.myget.org/F/uipath) in Package Manager - Settings - User defined package sources
  • in All Packages - beta feed, make sure to check the Include Prerelease checkbox
  • search for the Excel pack
  • update the package either by clicking the blue icon or click Update button (as shown in the screenshot below)

Let me know if you managed to have the activities displayed.


Thanks, followed your instructions and now new activies are displayed. Like specially row deleting activity :slight_smile:

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