2018.1-API call "odata/Robots" returns Status 500 with query parameter $top=0 and $skip=0


When using the API target odata/Robots with the query parameter $top=0&$skip=0 the server responds with internal error 500.

Steps to reproduce:

Call https://demo.uipath.com/odata/Robots?%24skip=0&%24top=0

Current Behavior:

Server responds with Error 500

Expected Behavior:

Server responds with no items. Calls with only $skip=0 and $top=0 are working

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

UiPath Orchestrator 2018,1

Hi Sapo

remember that API’s are stateless, meaning that it does not remember previous API calls. thus, you will also have to pass the authentication when you’re making an API call