2018.1.2: Robot - how to install Plugin and Packages

As Robot and Studio are decoupled now, how do we install Plugin (Extensions) and Packages on Robot machine?

From Studio, we can use Studio Interface to install Plugins (Setup Tab --> Setup Extensions) and Packages (Manage Packages or Control P) but Robot doesn’t have such interface.

Hi @KapilKathuria,

Refer this page,
Choose your version of uipath in that page



How is Activity Packages update expected to work on Robot?

For example, if there is new version of UiPath.Excel.Activities , how will that get updated on Robot?

Hi @KapilKathuria

Check this link.


Leave this answer. I think that it is for studio. But you are asking the Robot…


Yes, I am asking for Robot.

@badita @ovi Anything on this?

You need to configure activities source in nuget.config located in program files.

The source may be an

  • orchestrator activities feed or
  • any nuget feed or
  • a shared folder