20.10 Data Manager Export Fails

How to handle when 20.10 Data Manager Export Fails ?

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check the DB to see what dataset the data session is tied to.
    • In AI Center, go to the data labeling session and grab the ID.1.jpg
  2. In the ai_appmanager database, run the following query:
    • Select * from [dbo].[app] where [id] = '
  3. Pay attention to what the exported_dataset value is.
  4. In AI Center go to the datasets. Click each data set and check the id as shown in the screenshot. If there is a specific dataset the export should go to, check that.2.jpg
  5. If the dataset ID and the session ID match, then open a support ticket with UiPath.
  6. If there is no matching dataset ID for the dataset ID that is mapped to the data labeling session ID, then that means it was deleted.
  7. To fix the issue, create a new dataset and map it to the current data labeling session
    • update [dbo].[app]
      set [exported_dataset]=''
      where [id]=''

Resolution: This is a known issue that is planned to be fixed in 21.10. In 21.4, a work around is to just export the data to a file.