2 users sharing 1 license on 1 computer

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out whats the best way to run scheduled jobs from 2 different users/robots sharing only 1 license on 1 computer. These schedules may clash at certain time of the day and it can result in 1 of the job running and the other job shows an error with ‘all licenses are in use’.

Is there any way to ensure both jobs execute successfully? i.e. when the schedules clash, how can I make 1 robot wait until the license is available while the other job is being run first?

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hi @junzhigoh,

If a Process is already running on a Robot and you trigger a new one on the same Robot - The New Process is put on the Pending State by orchestrator and whenever the Robot is available , The Process is executed automatically.


Hi Mukesh,

Thanks for the quick response!
I’m referring to having 2 robots set up in orchestrator that will execute scheduled jobs on the same PC like below. These robots will have clashing schedules once in awhile.

I noticed one robot was able to get the license to run the job while the 2nd robot gives an error like below instead of waiting in queue. Is there any way to prevent such errors and let the 2nd robot wait in queue while the 1st robot is running?


Thank you and I really appreciate your help!

hi @junzhigoh,

This seems dificult as you are telling uipath to run 2 processes at the same time on same Machine .

This won’t be feasible either - Think of a scenario where there are 2 Robots and both want to use Excel / IE. If Both the robots are allowed - How does the System differentiate .

The Type of scenario you are looking for qualifies you for High Density Robots- Please have a look at the below link to have more details.

@loginerror - Can you Please suggest Here - If I am missing something.


hi @junzhigoh
since you have 1 license ,

" create a controlling workflow and schedule it to run may be every 5 minutes. Each time it runs, it will check whether the executing processes are complete or not. If they are still executing, it will shop the controller. If the execution is complete, then it will proceed with the next steps. This also helps in different other ways by now using resources unnecessarily and by reducing the overhead on the systems by waiting and doing nothing"
Source : How To Keep UiPath Waiting Till the Executed Commands finished? - #4 by Lahiru.Fernando


Hi, Mukesh!

From what I’ve read so far, high density robots are for windows server correct?
Unfortunately, I’m running it on a physical Windows computer and it may not apply? :confused:

I don’t really need the processes to run exactly at the same time, just need it to wait for its turn to run!
(i.e. not very time sensitive process but have to run eventually)

hmmm I’m not sure if I understood it correctly, if I have to create a additional controlling workflow to check whether the first process has finish running… wouldn’t I need 2 licenses?
From the source you provided, it seems like they are waiting and checking for a non-UiPath process to complete execution.

Do you have any sample workflow on this?
Sorry but I can’t imagine how to create it! :confused:

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@Lahiru.Fernando fya

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Hi @junzhigoh

You don’t need to have two licenses for this. You can build a controller workflow, which you will be running, and through the controller, you can execute the other processes using invoke workflow or start job activities.

You can find a sample under my Connect profile components. I have created a template which is used to handle such scenarios.

Find it via the below link.


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