2 Questions

Hi everyone,

I have 2 problems:

  1. I’m trying to filter through all processes and kill a specific process (internet explorer)
    for this I used this function in the past. It worked in this workflow too for a while, but now it returns an error for no reason. (SOLVED: use “system.diagnostics.process.getprocessbyname()” instead of only “process.getprocessbyname()” if “process” isn’t recognized by Uipath)

  2. I’m trying to filter a really big Excel data table as fast as possible.

  • have to take values of 2 colums form file_A, sheet_A. Let’s call these Data_A and Data_B.
  • then go to file_B filter by Data_A and after that a detailed filtration by Data_B.
  • then take the filter result of colum_C to colum_F and copy them to the colums of File_A, sheet_B

I already extracted Data_A and Data_B with a while loop. What I need is a fast method to filter the table.

this is a very simplified version of the task, there is much more to it. But I would be very thankful if someone could help me with this.

Hi @B.D

  1. Why don’t just use Kill Process with “iexplore” as a value? This will close all IE processes

  2. Have you tried Filter Data Table Activity?

Sorry, I didn’t explain why I did it this way. I do so I can avoid " continue on error"

  1. I couldn’t get it to work right and fast enough, so I tried something diffrent. I will look into it.

for a defensive kill process have a look here:


About the first error, my german is not very good but can be because you defined process_list with a wrong type?

What Type is it?

The Type is right. I didn’t change anything. It used to work just fine when I started the process, but now I get this error.

Thank you for your solution.

P.S: The error goes away if I create a new Uipath process. But I will use your solutions in the future since it is more reliable

It was not able to (fully) change it back to english, so I deleted to avoid confusion