2 Questions about robot launch


I have a technical doubt about how to launch a batch of robots.

¿Is it possible to launch a robot when another one finish his job? I mean, I have 3 robots, I want them working in sequence because they share resources in the server, so they can’t execute at the same time. ¿Could one robot, using Orchestrator or an activity, launch another robot? It would be like a turn system…a circular sequence

And second question: ¿is it possible to automatically launch a robot when a queue is populated? I understand that the queues are passive, that you need an active robot watching the queue to detect a new element…but I’d like to know if you know a way to do reverse, if the queue via Orchestrator can awake a robot

Thank you very much

  1. Yes. Using the Orchestrator API
  2. Queue based scheduling is taken into account for 2017.2
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Thank you for your answer, badita

Hi, how we can launch another robot using Orchestrator API? I would like to read a documentation or something similar.