2 People logging in to same VM with same user shows 2 different versions of file in UiPath?

Hi all,

We have a strange behavior in UiPath Studio in combination with RDS.
We have a VM with UiPath installed. Everything is executed within this VM.

Person A opens a RDS to this VM with USER 1 and opens up a file in UiPath Studio (installed in the VM) and make some edits. Person A then terminates the RDS (not logging out).

When Person B opens an RDS to the same VM with the same USER 1, he will see an older version of the same file in UiPath Studio?

Is there an issue with UiPath Studio and RDS?
We have not seen this issue earlier (once last week and once today).
What can be the reason behind this?

If 2 or more persons login into VM with same user id & password - there will be no difference in studio and file mgmt.
There could be a studio version mismatch when 2 persons use same VM with different user accounts.

maybe you can share the 2 versions of the files here to compare…

Thanks for your answer, that’s what I feel it should be as well. However, that is not the case.
2 people login to the same VM with same User ID and Password (same account) and it shows different in the Studio.