2 kinds of Type Into?


Found an example from the forum, and get a different Type into activities (upper one in the diagram) which seems do not inside a container of Recording nor Attach Window, but just under the Excel Application scope. I tried to drag in a Type into activities (lower one in the diagram) , but it is slightly different as below:


How can I get the upper one of the Type into activities ? and did I miss something in the concept ?


Click on Indicate on Screen (lower one) and then remove informative screenshot. you will get the upper one in the diagram.

Thanks very much, and that is :sweat_smile:

Please let me know the procedure to take the training for RPA developer foundation…

@Snowman: The Type into activity is the same;
The difference here is that the first one has the selectors and the second one does not have any selectors associated. You can look at the selectors in the properties.

Also, when you drag a type into activity from the activities pane, you have 2 choices,

  • To indicate on screen

  • You can manually put your selectors into the properties.

Indicate on screen comes with the screenshot, which you can change later
Manually entering selectors enable you to take informative screenshot, which also could be changed later.

Hi @PD2, @ABRK

Exactly, it was the selector and the additional pane there confused me. Thank you both, I understand now.

By the way, the selector is so powerful, but seem that there is no specific document to describe selectors and it can only be learned through experience with the Ui Explorer, right ?

Hi @Sarojani1,

I have just finished the basic one, and you can simply register to the course from the UiPath Academy at Free RPA Courses - Robotic Process Automation Training | UiPath

UiPath has everything pal.
Try this UiPath Essesntial Training - 4 3 Selectors and this About Selectors and also this About Selectors


Thanks, I have read through these before. But just cannot find any material from the internet (and UiPath) that talk about the syntax and details about the codes. Just try to know how to read through those codes generated from the Ui Explorer.