2 for each loop with if condition

I got your point @Popo, that, if the combination of invoice number and invoice date is not there in DT1, then that row also be extracted.

I’m attaching sample workflow here for your example.

Unmatched2Columns.xaml (9.7 KB)

d1—>image d2—> image

O/P : image

here you can see the output, Name7,Name8 is obviously there because there no Name7 in column
A in dt1.
But Name5,Name1111 is also there even though Name5 in col A, why? it’s because of Name1111 which is not there in col B.
So it’s working fine here, check this workflow, just have a look on linq query, run it and you’ll get the idea,
Kindly check the column names of invoice date and number.

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thanks for the detailed explanation!

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