2-factor authentication on email


We have a process that is using 2-factor authentication. First by username/password which can be done easily and 2nd by security code received on an email.
Are there possible ways to do it?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Hari_Balaji,

If the email has a specific subject, you can enter a While loop, and check for the email in an email folder with a Get Mail Messages activity. When the email comes through, you can scrape the email and take the 2fa code from either the subject or body

Hey @Hari_Balaji

Yes of course there are possible workarounds.

  1. The OTP mail should be received to bots email from which bot can pick based on the structured email subject or body.

  2. If you have the API or a service available for the 2FA used in your environment we can try making use of it to fetch the auth details.


Hi @Nithinkrishna

We are using the multiple customer personal email address while login into the user interface and we can’t able to login or access the customer personal email to scrap the subject or body.

We are using it on the third party UI interface for login and we are not able to access the their API services to fetch email verification (2FA).

Since we are not able to access the user personal email, Is there any other possible way to get the 2 fa code separately?



Okay @Marian_B

Looks like the user specific account which is not okay to fetch credentials without their consent.

You may try to use action center for this or any ways to request to 2FA code from the user.

That’s the appropriate way I believe.