2 datatable - find element


I have 2 DT
Export - estract from SAP with same postings
German file - which is a file based on which a posting is done in SAP

Now I need to find a document number (column C) which is in file Export and I have to compare couple of information to achieve this

  1. document type (export file column B and Germany file column G,
  2. Posting date (export file column D and Germany file column H,
  3. Amount (export file column G and Germany file column V,
    What Im doing wrong? I have all the time error in Assign
    UiPath DT.zip (3.6 KB)

Germany.xlsx (32.2 KB)

Hey @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka !! You want the numbers in column C of the “Export” file that have Export(B) = Germany(G) AND Export(D) = Germany(H) AND Export(G) = Germany(V), right?

Correct, I think the issue is where the number in File (Export) in column G is negative. If probably we remove those “-” then I believe it should work.

Hi @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka,

Check that the number or item you are trying to find exists in the collection, as per error the element you are trying to find might not be present in the collection or dataset you are working.


Correct, but this is what I do not know.
I have mainly an issue were I have to find a doc number and in Export file I have negative amount