2 byte characters input seems to be slow than 1 byte characters

Dear all,

UiPath robot sometimes type 2 byte characters(Japanese) slowly than 1 byte characters(English).
Therefore order of characters output by UiPath robot is became incorrect.

How can I avoid this issue?
I use UiPath Platform 2016.2.6379 but does later version fix this issue?
If I increase PC spec to recommend, the issue isn’t happened?

I implement function of checking the character order is correct or incorrect as muh as possible now,
but there are many place where is very difficult to be implemented.

Sharepoint web edit screen is so large and not divided to each field, so it is difficlut for UiPath to check the order of character and send hotkey specially.

If you know any useful solution, I’ll be glad to hear that.


Let me correct above.

2 byte character output by UiPath not only slowly but also interrupt variable also.

For example;
frist half of variable 1 + 2 byte character + last half of variable 1;