18.4 Studio performance issue when opening a project

I’m trying the new dark version and I love it. I updated all my projects but I’m facing a problem with one of them.

I thought was so slow when I opened because in this new version I must to add some packages and after I did still it is taking lot of time to open.

Any advice? Should I do something else?

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also I’m having this problem. I don’t know how describe it but that image show what’s happening … I must to close and open again …

Hi @carmen

Is this issue recurring? Does it happen when opening all your existing projects? Can you estimate how long does it take for it to open?

Hi @ovi , Yes, every time that I open this project in particular is taking around 5 minutes or more in open. The others are ok without issue. I can’t figure out why is happening that.

And the second print, when UIPATH showed just some parts, I discovered that happen when I’m working in a virtual machine only. Every time that I lost my connection with the VM and I reconnect I can’t see all the window so I need to re-start Uipath. That’s a little bit annoying.

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Is this a big project? How many MB? I will get this checked in VMs, thanks for the details, they are really helpful.

I think that this project isn’t big, 18 MB. I have other projects bigger than this one without problems.

Hi Carmen,

Can you provide us with a DiagTool report from the machine on which this issue occurs?
If you are using the Classic theme instead will the UI issues go away? How about the loading time one?

Hi Alex, sorry for a late reply. I changed to the classic theme and still is giving me the same problem.

I searched about DiagTool I didn’t know about this toolreport.zip (229.5 KB)
but I’m not sure if I did correct or not.

Hi @carmen. I am experiencing the exact same problem. Did you manage to solve this problem? How?


do you mean when you are working in a VM ? no. I still have the problem. I need to close and open again.

@carmen well my problem is at the start-up of the program… it takes literally from 20 to 30 mins to load the robot (adding dependencies). Once it is loaded, I can work without any problem. But it is a ridiculous amount of time that I lose every single time.

oh no. sorry, that problem was only in one project. But Don’t know why that happens, because the others ones are without that problem. I never try to open again that project.

what a pitty!

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: