18.3 version has conflict with UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities


I am unable to install this package on 18.3.1 version.

Getting this error.

This is the error message.

We have detected dependecy cycles. Installation cannot continue.

Cycle 1:
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities depends on current project (UiPath), current project (UiPath) depends on UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities

Could you please show some more light on this why it is happening. what dependencies i have to install. Thanks in advance.

@rkelchuri please shed some light on what you are trying to achieve. Can you also paste a snapshot with your project dependency tree before trying to add the UIAutomation package? Note that this package is added by default on a) new project b) project migration built with older versions of Studio. So in theory you should not find yourself in a situation where you need to manually install the UIAutomation package.

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Screenshot, Save Image activities are failing because of this.
Because of this conflict following activities got failed to load. If i know any alternate packages to get these activities into my activities list that would be fine.

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Hear are dependency tree view.

@rkelchuri please rename your project. Seems your project is called UiPath, which means that from a dependency pov UiPath depends on UIAutomation which depends on UiPath. That’s also known as a dependency cycle which prevents the UIAutomation package to get installed. Let me know.

No project name is not UiPath. Because of confidentiality I have not shown my project name. This scrip was migrated from 2.4 to 3.1 and I got this issue.

Similar thread @mircea, it might give some more context:

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This is kind of confusing, so let’s get things clear:

@rkelchuri you said above that this is the error message:

It says quite clear that current project’s name is UiPath. And we were able to reproduce it only by naming the project “UiPath”. So, can you please double check the project name? Maybe only a xaml in the big project is called “UiPath”, check this too.

Ovi, I have deleted .local file and .Jason file from the project folder and re opened my xaml file. then it was loaded all required dependencies. This is the quick solution i found to resolve this issue.
Now, i am good on this.


Just to shed some light on the problem at hand. If you are in one of the following scenarios, you will end up with a dependency cycle:

  • you name your project “UiPath” (or any name of an existing package that you plan to add to your dependency tree)
  • you open a .xaml file from a folder named “UiPath” (or any name of an existing package that you plan to add to your dependency tree) and there is no project.json file in that folder

In the first example with “UiPath” the problem is that there is already a package called “UiPath” that is a dependency for “UiPath.UIAutomation. Activities”. So the cycle will be UiPath > UIAutomation > UiPath.

In the second example, when you start a .xaml file from a folder and no project.json exists in that folder, a project.json will be automatically generated. Inside the project.json the tag “name” will be populated with the name of the parent folder. Which in this case is “UiPath”. So the same cycle happens as above.

Note that the UIAutomation package is added by default when you create a new project.

This is a corner case but at the same time this is a bug in our product and we will treat it in the following updates. Thank you.