17. RPA Challenge - Click on multiple red symbol on same page

I have to click on multiple error red symbol that are present on same page.

in that image i need to double click on error symbol in logs. i m using find image matches activity but its clicking on another red symbol except logs.

i can not attach that specif window. if anyone know the solution of this problem kindly let me know


Hi @bhush,
Can you click filter black-border? It’s easier to click red symbol

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no we can not filter, sort or anything


Did you try to use selector? have something of red different with others?

Sr i cant help anymore

yes i tried :frowning:

If you can’t make selector then u can try combination of hotkeys to go and select those error symbols, for example up and down keys to select particular row (you need count to move) and then particular field with the help of left right keys and then space to select that field.

You can also try click relative image but the challenge is you need to hide/remove the clicked red dot so robot don’t click it again and goes to the next one.

using space we are not able to select filed using double click only we can open that red logs.

Hi @bhush,
Perhaps it would make sense to look for the red dot and the dart symbol next to it together? I’ve decreased the accuracy to 0.7 and used the screen you provided to look for the symbols. Seven were found, what seems to make sense. It may depend on the settings though - most likely you may get 6 items found, as one line was highlighted in the screenshot (changing the image of that item). red symbol.xaml (7.6 KB)

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Hi bhush,

To solve your “clicking on another red symbol” issue, you can try including the little arrow beside the red dot in your find image activity.

Secondly, will the “Red Dot” change color once it’s open?

In the screenshot you’ve selected one line, and it changes the background colour of the red dot. Can we iterate the lines selecting each one by one, and then find image for the red dot with changed bankground colour? I think that should be the way to go here, if possible.

i used this one also but its not working. i have tried with 0.1 to 1.0 but its not working properly. its clicking on below red symbol also

Do you maximize the window you work on to make the images more stable? When I keep the default 0.8 accuracy, I get 6 items each time (as one is highlighted). Sometimes little fractions make a difference, so e.g. 0.7 and 0.75 may not work in the same way.
Also, I understand that these items from the list have no separate selectors?

Dear @bhush,

Have you tried click image.

I guess the application would change the color after you click right? Then you just click image (i.e the red button or red icon)

With a loop (while loop) until there is no more red image on screen.

I think you could create a sub workflow, to look for red icon based on an offset of screen, until there is no more red color image to be found. This sub workflow should return true/false.

Yes they do not have seperatr selector.

Does any part from the below help you?

Also maybe expand a bit the image you look for, adding not only the black arrow next to the red dot, but also a bit more of the surrounding area to differentiate it from the red symbol below as much as possible. I have tested ‘Find image matches’ both for an image saved into a file and one grabbed from screen too.

Hello @bhush,

I work on automating SAP and I have encountered situations like this!

Important: I can see that you are using SAP 740, I use a lower version: 730. This should not have an impact on selectors but it can on Images (The image of the icons can change).

If you need to click only errors we need to make sure that the other alerts are hidden by clicking once on their icons.

In my case I did not have any problem clicking the buttons that show the numbers of errors/success.


Once you have all the errors iterate through them with a counter which, according to the selector, starts in row 3.

Here is the project:

Error logs.zip (41.0 KB)

Let me know if you have any questions. :smiley:


Hi @sebax

We also faced this screen in SAP and needs to get the error messages. We also followed the same approach, just hide warnings,info etc and then only the error messages would be there with red dots.

Applied screen scraping to get the error messages as data scraping was not working. It’s working fine now.

Please share the links of new automation challenge. @badita

I am getting an error when using click element is item. The error is cannot convert UiElement to Object. Can you please help I am stuck in the same automation.

Hi @Chinh_Le,

Could you solve this issue. Can you please share the solution as I am stuck in the same automation. Image exists is not giving the accurate result.