11:59 issue on production box

Hi Team,

While running the robots it gets stuck at 11:59 and no updates are send out on control center.

we are using UI Path version 8.1.5870.32892

Can you please help ?

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are you firing Robot to run on a particular time?

no i started robot around 11:45 and it was working fine and updating all the details in control centre.

The moment it reaches 11:59. it stops updating the logs.

This is occurring every day in production box.

Can you please help.

Are you setting any time frames in the code? or a scheduler to stop at 12?

No there are no time frames and no scheduling…

Hi @Dnanetwork,

It is a known issue in Control Center.

The messages are still received and stored in the database. The time of the message changes from 11:59 to 00:00 instead of 12:00. Control Center can’t display them because it displays last 20 messages from the last hour.

You don’t need to stop the robot. If you refresh the page in Monitoring → Live process at 13:00 you will see the messages.