103,104 ,105 Use of OCR Engines .Can we define or Modify by using Variables

Scenario 103: Is Tesseract OCR free to use in UiPath, or do we need to buy a license? What about Microsoft OCR?

Scenario 104: Can we edit the selectors by using Variables?

Scenario 105: In Short, What is the use of RE-Framework, rather than showing the System Exception and Business Exceptions?

Unable to get solutions for the above scenarios. Please Clarify.

Thanks in Advance.

103: Read the below for
Microsoft OCR: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/microsoft-ocr
Tesseract OCR: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/google-ocr

104: Yes you can. To clarify, do you want to use some dynamic elements or replace the complete selectors by passing a complete dynamic selector?

105: REFrameowrk helps you simplify the structure of the automation you’re building. Easily identify errors. And more importantly, separating each part into different states. You can add/remove the state as per your requirements but that is the basic structure.
To understand this in a more detailed way try to a create process in REFramework and then create the same without it you will identify the challenges.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you still have questions.


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Thanks for your response!!

Still, I am unable to judge. Can we edit the selectors rather than using “*” and “?”.
Is there any possibility to store under the variables and can we pass the variables as our requirement?

Hi @Harsha_S1 ,

Check on the below answers provided :

Yes, It does not require a License. It is available in UiPath Studio like any normal activity.

Yes. We can edit selectors by using variables. Check below post for more info :

The RE-Framework is already a built-in framework provided by UiPath. It would mean there are already built-in mechanisms that could help us in developing a better automation. Such as Retry mechanism on an Unexpected Exception, Handling of Business Exceptions, Entry and Exit Stages of an Automation Project. Along with that it makes the scalability of the automations much flexible to be used.

Additionally, you could check the below post :

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Yes, you can pass the variables as well. That is also an option. Check this for the same: https://rpatools.com/2020/11/how-to-use-dynamic-variable-in-the-selectoruipath/

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Thanks for the solution.

Glad it helped. Please mark it as a solution as it can help other people having similar issues.


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