1. RPA Challenge - Dynamic Web Page - Anchor

Nicely done. Thanks.
Ill study it!

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Hi @rakeshreddy, This may be late answer. But still…

Yes. It is possible to automate using Automation Anywhere.

We can use the “HTML Tag index” property to enter the details in the text-box since the HTML Tag Index will be same for both the Label and TextBox.

For Example, Let’s say if the HTML Tag Index of Label “First Name” is 5, then the HTML Tag Index of TextBox of First Name will also be 5.

Hope this helps.

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This seems to be the best one here, so simple and quick.
I did a complicated one and it executed for 67 seconds, now looking at this I feel silly. I’ll have to check it out what is this magical tag that seemed to solve everything as far as selectors go.

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Managed to get this with a combination of UiPath and JS!

RPA Upload



I know this is an old challenge but I’m currently working my way through them as I build build up the confidence to actually click start on the certification practical test. I’ve just used anchors to find the correct field to enter the text into, I know it can be done quicker but wanted to keep it simple for now.

I’ve had a look through some of the other submission in the thread and have learned a few new tricks that might come in handy in the future so my thanks to everyone that has submitted their solutions. :slightly_smiling_face:

RPA_Challenge01.zip (159.1 KB)


Here is my result
used both the ways

  1. Selectors

2.Anchor base

RPA_Challenge.xaml (37.0 KB)

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Just wanted to add my time to the list :wink:

I used the for each combined with the dynamic selector method. I was supersized using parallel was slower than the for each method. Cut my initial attempt from 8,272ms to 1189ms


Great Job!

Happy learning! :smiley:

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Too late ! but new :wink:!

RPA_Challenge.zip (32.2 KB)

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The time you have is reasonable for sure! If you change the delay before and delay after setting for the type into to 0 or 100 you can probably match the sub 2 second times on this thread. I like the fact that you actually organized you’re automation though, a lot of the ones on this page are messy.

Tips for speed (Not necessarily reliability)

  1. Type into: Change the DelayAfter and DelayBefore settings to 0 or 100ms default is 300ms.
  2. Under Target change WaitForReady to None. Type Into
  3. Deselect Activate for type into
  4. You can use a for each loop and use the headers in the table to fill out the selectors for each field. However this is a bit confusing when you look at the code. It does make a major change in speed for some reason.
  5. Instead of clicking submit you can use send keys using “[k(enter)]” on one of the fields.

Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated. I think I’ll have a play around with my automation to see if I can shave off some time using the suggestions that you gave me. I’m always open to feedback and looking to improve so again thanks.

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Automation_Challenge_RPA.xaml (30.6 KB)
Hi All,
Here is my code by using selectors in a list and without using Javascript and all.


I am so happy to find this thread. What a great forum we have! I was so excited to learn the ways of time reduction in the processes here. Really pleased with my score being improved from 75 seconds to just under 7 seconds with just a few minor tweaks. UiPath is a really powerful tool.

With a few more tweaks and tinkering with properties and things, I was able to reduce time even further…


Wow, this seems to be the best and fastest solution

Hi, i have done this different way…

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You can also use Relative Selector and Type Into activity. Even that helps… Mine worked.

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Hi Dasun, I am new in UiPath. I am learning it from forums and doing my own practice.
Do you mind you can share your code?, as it seems bit different approach from others so just want to take a look.




Can you send flow

Can you please share the flow?