1 Robot - 1 Asset - 2 Values

Hello together,

first i want to apologize for my bad english.
I’ve got a simple question…

I’ve developed a process that runs on a single robot.
Now theres a request for running this process for a different szenario on the same robot with other asset values.

I know that a can define assets multiple times when i chose the “value per robot” option, but thats no solution for me, because i only have one licenced robot.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Dennis_Burger

Can you clarify your question ? Why do you use assets ? When do you need to change the process and why ?


I use assets because it’s much easier to change their values than changing excel config files on the robot server.
I need to schedule the same process with two different asset-sets.

The process is doing outlook stuff.
We have multiple mailboxes with the same folder structure, the process shall run on all of these boxes at different times.


Why don’t you make two processes, with diffrent assets, and make sure that they are on same environnement and than run each one of them when u want…

@mz3bel example.

I need this process about 20 time, because of 20 mailboxes.
Your solution is, to copy my project in uipath studio 20 times with different asset names?
What is when i need to change a little function in this process, i have to edit all 20 projects in this case, right?

The names of the assets are defined in the project.


on your title you said only 2 processes not 20… let get this straight. So you have 20 mailboxes that you need to check with one robot and each time you have to change the content of the assets, like 20 times ? is that what you want ?

you’re right, i said 2 because its not as abstract as 20…
but in fact, i need 20 processes.

And yes, thats what i want.
The only solution i can imagine is, that i dont use assets.
When i would use excel-configfiles, i could define a parameter wich would decide what config file should be used.


Yes, that’s what i had in mind at the begining. I don’t think of an other way without a config file, which make it easy, for you issue.

You can also use input arguments and set them on a per-schedule basis.


Can you clarify please?

You’d need a new schedule for each different set of assets.

For example below, you could have some schedule_A and use 1 for in_Month and 2020 for in_Year. Then, you could make another schedule_B and use 12 and 2019. Then, when schedule_A runs it will use 1 and 2020 and when schedule_B runs it will use 12 and 2019.


Ok, but how to do it automaticaly for 20 processes and dynamic dates ?

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