"1% of file_name is downloaded" message appears while saving

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to save a document from salesforce but many a time a message comes as “1% of file_name or 5% of file_name is downloaded” and finally an empty word file saves in destination folder. Anyone faced this kind of situation or please give your valuable suggestion.


Hey Ula,

are you able to download the files manually?
I think it is due to time out, or network might be slow


Ok, thank you. Yes, immediately tried manually and same result “1% of file is downloaded”.

you are welcome Ula,
it’s due to Internet download speed I think

Happy Automation :wink:


Yeah i thought the same but i am not convinced coz everything like page load, navigation was with utmost speed there was no lag.

I told, it’s not issue with your Automation
as manually also you are unable to download the file, it might be broken/corrupted :thinking: