1 dimensional array of system.data.datatable cant be converted to system.data.datatable

I use loop for read datatable but it error.

Help me please.


@fairymemay What is that activity doing before for each? Seems, you are not passing DataTable.

I use activity ExtractDataTablesFromHTML.

HTMLText = mail.Headers(“HTMLBODY”)
Output table = detail (dataTable)

@fairymemay Instead of detail pass detail(0) in For Each Row and Check

I don’t understand.

Please guide me ?

@fairymemay Basically Now detail variable is of Type Array of Datatables and not a Single Datatable. Hence to get the First Datatable from the Array, You need to use detail(0) instead of detail in For Each Row Activity

Can you Share your Xaml File ? And May I know the Datatables that you have Extracted from the Email Body ?


Thank you

Now not error.

But if i want to colume


@fairymemay So you have only two Datatables in the Email Body?

I have 1 datadatable
but separate in and out in table.

@fairymemay Before For Each Activity, Can you Check using a Message Box the Value below :