1 bot doing 2 things

Wont it be great if 1 bot manages the 2 separate processes like:

  1. Customer booking an order in a website.
  2. Customer cancelling an order in a website.

Imagine 1 bot doing/managing these two at the same time!!!

Hi @Moola_Kommalu,

You can install 2 robots in the same pc and probably archive the same thing. Also I think you can use the parallel activity.


Hi @Moola_Kommalu,
This process is more complicated than you think. You need to consider it in big picture. What about monitoring, logs etc. Enterprise solutions requires to have clear view on every aspect of the solution. If one bot could be capable of working on two things the logs would be full of both entries which could make it less readable for more complicated task thus harder to find a bug in case of errors etc.


Hi @Moola_Kommalu!

I think what you’re trying to achieve is now possible with background processes and Run Parallel Process activity. You can find out more here: Background Process Automation
This is available since this year’s LTS release (earlier this month)

If you try it, please let me know what you think about it and if it does the job for you. Thanks!


Hi @Moola_Kommalu

I agree with @Pablito… Running such complex processes parallel to each other using one is not a good practice. And, most importantly, it is not at all recommended to run such things parallel in one bot, having multiple bots is a different story.

The background processes option is good to handle parallel tasks, however this is best suited for scenarios where user interfaces are not involved. For scenarios where things can happen in the background…