00 in front of number disappear after filtered

Hi RPA Team,
Please kindly help.

I have problem to compare Employee ID.
in my case, i have two data, download data and master RPA team.
in download data have two employee type are:

  1. RPA Team
  2. User
    both file have employee id that have 00 in front of, ex: 0062

my job is compare both file base on employee id and employee type.
if in download data have new employee that have employee type RPA Team,
it will append to master RPA team.

but, due to after filter it removed 00 in front of number, it always declared as new data.

I Tried some filter methods in Four Ways to Filter Data Tables in UiPath Studio | UiPath (Except LINQ) but 00 still removed.


If possible, can you share more specific data (It’s also ok if dummy data) and your expression to filter.


Are these data in excel files? Please provide some sample data.

@Yoichi and @KannanSuresh
Thank you for reply.

This is my sample data and xaml file.
my goal are employee id is keep (with 00 in the front of number) after filter process.

DownloadData.xlsx (15.6 KB) MainR2_2.xaml (12.7 KB)


Instead of using Write Range activity under excel, use Write Range activity under System >> File >> Workbook

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Thank you for sharing your workflow and data.
I checked your workflow and confirmed the filtered datatable have right data like “000122”.

I suppose It’s an Excel matter.

Can you replace current Write Range Activity to System-File-WorkBook-WriteRange?
The latter Activity writes data as String.


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@KannanSuresh and @Yoichi
wow…thank you so much, it works for me.

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