0 Runtimes (Execution Slot)available of 0 Unattended License

What is the difference between Non production license and the Unattended License.
I cannot able to perform Scheduling job , Also i t is showing 0 runtime available in Unattended license, what does that mean?

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find some introductions to the different license types:

Thanks for responding.
can we run under locked screen using non production license? Cannot able to use unattended license for the above mentioned reason

Hi @Man0jkuma6

yes you can run under locked screen with non production license


Hi @Man0jkuma6,

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Check this detailed documentation for running the unattended bot.


This is the issue i was refering to.

You are on community version right?

NO, Enterprise Version.


I guess you don’t have any Unattended Bot licences because of that it’s showing as 0 here.

Can you please contact the support team here @Man0jkuma6

It seems like you don’t have an unattended license.