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Entity - Efficiently reduce number of arguments (17)
Orchestrator Improvement - Redirect Pending Job to another Robot (5)
Improvement to Jobs Filters (2)
Improvements to the datascaper (2)
Send Mail Message - ReplyToList parameter (2)
Allow to embed chatbot code to orchestrator (1)
Changing the Argument Name Should Change its name Wherever its being used (1)
Licensing limitation: Attended Named User licenses OR Attended Concurrent User licenses on 1 Tenant (2)
Schedule sequence of processes (8)
Libraries per tenant (3)
Remove column "ROBOT", "PROCESS", "USER" from page "Jobs > Logs" in Orchestrator (1)
Keyboard Shortcut For Opening Invoked Workflow file (2)
Snippet maintenance - create/update (5)
A new badge for Advanced Certified Devs (2)
Stop watch and timers (4)
Global Variables that can be used across Workflows and Invoke Workflows (3)
Org Unit or Environment based Roles (8)
Ability to hide workflows included in a UiPath Library (3)
Orchestrator Assets: Per Process (5)
Element Exist - check for visibility (1)
How to set log purge/ log clean up in Orchestrator (6)
Encrypt PDF (4)
Coding in C# instead of VB.Net ( 2 ) (21)
Error Catalogue (3)
Set Logging Level of Activities (1)
UiStudio flow Improvement idea (1)
Flow improvement-color connectors (1)
Human Computer Process Interaction for Back Office Robots (9)
Rework the 'Invoke workflow' (8)
Include Exception Reason in Orchestrator Export Transactions (1)