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#BetaBlogs 18.4 - Dark Theme (2)

They say beauty is on the inside, and while we agree, we can’t help but admit that some easy on the eyes traits can do no harm. The Dark Theme in Studio is next to take the spotlight, now that we’ve covered some of the …

#BetaBlogs - Save as Template feature arrives in 18.4 (7)

Customization is one step closer to making your automations easier due to this feature. You can Save as Template either a Process or a Library. You may wonder how does this help you? Create a custom process or library…

#BetaBlogs - Source Control Repo Browser (18.4) (3)

In 18.3 we’ve brought a handlful of changes to TFS and SVN support. In 18.4 we continued on the road of improvements and we’re bringing Source Control Repository Browser. This will aid to quickly select which exact proj…

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