IT Automation As a first step in our IT Automation roadmap, we’re excited to announce our VMware activities package is now available in public preview! This initial set of 11 activities enable you to easily automate what we feel are the most critical IT actions, including the ability to provision virtual machines, power on/off virtual machines, and configure robots in (RPA) workflows. Receipt and Invoice AI Our new Receipt and Invoice AI is now available in Public Preview! This new AI capability, delivered through the Machine Learning Extractor activity in Studio, gives your UiPath Robots the ability to read both invoices and receipts and will help streamline your automations around accounts payable and expense compliance processes. Orchestrator Mobile Monitor your digital robot workforce anytime from anywhere and get real-time alerts on robot performance and the state of your RPA system with Mobile Orchestrator. 18.3 This sub-category is to be used for queries regarding the 2018.3 version of UiPath Platform. 2019 Preview We would like to ask for your participation to preview and provide feedback on the 2019 release to get your perspective in shaping our roadmap. 18.4 This sub-category is to be used for queries regarding the 2018.4 version of UiPath Platform. AI Computer Vision We are thrilled to announce that our breakthrough AI Computer Vision capability is now ready for preview - go try it out now! And please let us know your feedback - your perspective will be invaluable in helping us shape our roadmap. 2019 Fast Track (Preview) We would like to ask for your participation to preview and provide feedback on the 2019 Fast Track release to get your perspective in shaping our roadmap. Cloud Platform The UiPath Cloud Platform is your one stop shop to kick-start your automation journey in the cloud. With the UiPath Cloud Platform, you can instantly start automating using a cloud-hosted SaaS Orchestrator that you can connect to your on-premises Robots and Studios. You also get your own enterprise portal where you can manage all your UiPath licenses as well as control access permissions to your automations in the cloud.
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Insider Preview Program Agreement

UiPath Preview Program Agreement Posted: April 01, 2019; Effective: April 01, 2019 This UiPath Preview Program Agreement (the “ Agreement ”) is being entered into by UiPath and the Customer (each a “ Party ” and togeth…

1 January 4, 2019
Open Source Activity packs for Community

Hey everyone! By now you already know we are trying to make your lives easier in terms of UiPath interaction and experience so we have a confession to make :blush: : We have released 6(six) Activity packs to the Communi…

2 November 15, 2018
About the Releases category 2 November 5, 2018
Receipt and Invoice AI - Now available in Public Preview!

Our new Receipt and Invoice AI is now available in Public Preview! Note: The Receipt and Invoice AI Extraction ML model is a Cloud Platform offering and is currently not available for on-premise ML model deployments. …

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IT Automation Activities for VMWare - Now in Public Preview! 8 July 18, 2019
Computer Vision update! 18 July 18, 2019
UiPath 2019 Preview (Community Edition v2019.7.0)

2019 Preview brings you the third iteration of our soon-to-be LTS: v2019.7.0 Community Edition! :smile: :partying_face::star_struck: If you’re on the Studio Stable channel, our latest 2019.7.0 version is already availa…

21 July 18, 2019
2019.6.0 - project renaming stopped working 4 July 17, 2019
Important announcement! Read all about it 👻

Hello friends. We have some major news for you! In the coming week we’ll launch not one, not two, but 3 major things! • The first one is the V2 of ComputerVison activities. It includes some pretty sexy new capabilities…

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Uipath on cloud platform to acess client applications 3 July 17, 2019
#PreviewBlogs 2019.7 - Send feedback or report bugs directly from Studio

New features are exciting! :slight_smile: That is why we want to let you know you can now send your feedback or report the nasty bugs directly from UiPath Studio. It has never been easier! What’s new? You can now go to …

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IT Automation Activities for Active Directory Domain Services - Now in Public Preview 4 July 16, 2019
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