2019 Fast Track (Preview) We would like to ask for your participation to preview and provide feedback on the 2019 Fast Track release to get your perspective in shaping our roadmap. 18.4 This sub-category is to be used for queries regarding the 2018.4 version of UiPath Platform. 18.3 This sub-category is to be used for queries regarding the 2018.3 version of UiPath Platform. Orchestrator Mobile Monitor your digital robot workforce anytime from anywhere and get real-time alerts on robot performance and the state of your RPA system with <em>Mobile Orchestrator</em>.
Open Source Activity packs for Community [Releases] (2)

Hey everyone! By now you already know we are trying to make your lives easier in terms of UiPath interaction and experience so we have a confession to make :blush: : We have released 6(six) Activity packs to the Communi…

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Insider Preview (Beta) is Now Available for Orchestrator Mobile ( 2 ) [Orchestrator Mobile] (21)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Insider Preview (Beta) is Now Available for Orchestrator Mobile As an Insider, we value your passion, participation, and feedback to help the shape the next evolution of digital workforce. Be the first to …

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UiPath Community Edition v2019.1.0 [2019 Fast Track (Preview)] (4)

2019 brings us a new and shiny release: v2019.1.0 Community Edition! :heart: Oh, and a new release cycle. In the limelight: you. :wink: Each month of this year we’re aiming at releasing a new Community version, so that …

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#BetaFollow-up - Library (Reusable components) ( 2 3 ) [18.3] (51)

This is the first topic in the #BetaFollow-up series. First, big thanks to @MirceaGrigore who has helped put this in place. Today’s topic: Library (Reusable components). What is it? A Library is a collection of reusabl…

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#BetaBlogs - Save as Template feature arrives in 18.4 [18.4] (9)

Customization is one step closer to making your automations easier due to this feature. You can Save as Template either a Process or a Library. You may wonder how does this help you? Create a custom process or library…

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