18.4 This sub-category is to be used for queries regarding the 2018.4 version of UiPath Platform. AI Computer Vision We are thrilled to announce that our breakthrough <strong>AI Computer Vision</strong> capability is now ready for preview - go try it out now! And please let us know your feedback - your perspective will be invaluable in helping us shape our roadmap. 18.3 This sub-category is to be used for queries regarding the 2018.3 version of UiPath Platform. 2019 Fast Track (Preview) We would like to ask for your participation to preview and provide feedback on the 2019 Fast Track release to get your perspective in shaping our roadmap. Orchestrator Mobile Monitor your digital robot workforce anytime from anywhere and get real-time alerts on robot performance and the state of your RPA system with <em>Mobile Orchestrator</em>.
Open Source Activity packs for Community [Releases] (4)

Hey everyone! By now you already know we are trying to make your lives easier in terms of UiPath interaction and experience so we have a confession to make :blush: : We have released 6(six) Activity packs to the Communi…

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GIT Integration is now available in Beta Channel! In just a few clicks you can join our Beta Update Channel and take advantage of many awesome new features, some of which are: ability to edit your settings (such as nam…

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2019 Fast Track Preview presents a brand new preview release: v2019.2.0 Community Edition! :heart::heart: Hope you didn’t forget about the new release cadence, did you? Let’s refresh your memory: starting with 2019, a ne…

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#PreviewBlogs 2019.2 - File Change Management (Workflow File Diff). We need your voice! Please provide your valuable feedback about this feature! Our product team is hungry to build upon the basic functionalities so fe…

Computer Vision update! [AI Computer Vision] (8)

The CV activities just got a little nicer! :nail_care: There’s a brand new helper that is more visible, so the useful messages and functions are more readily available to you when indicating elements on screen. Not a lo…

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