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UiPath Documentation Updates (3)

Because we like our job and we do it well, the online Studio, Robot, Orchestrator and Activities guides have become rather thick so to speak. Therefore we, the UiPath Documentation Team, figured that it would be a good …

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UiPath Installers: UiPathStudioSetup.exe & UiPathPlatform.msi Studio user guide offers updated information about Installing and Licensing. UiPathStudioSetup.exe Download URL: Free Community Edition Includes: UiPath St…

How to ask a good question? ( 2 ) (26)

Without further ado: Before you ask… Community forum is not a helpdesk Let’s put this in the front - vast majority of people here do not work for UiPath. We’re volunteering our free time to help others and as much as it…

Invoke workflow vs embedded workflow? (9)

What are the main reasons to choose and invoked workflow in separate file instead of just embedding a new workflow in the same file? I feel there are issues when passing arguments back and forth and tracing becomes a bi…

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