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About the Ideas contest (6)
Unzip Password protected file (9)
Robot Utilization Dashboard (2)
Convert PDF File to excel File (2)
An option to view variable values as you debug through a process (2)
Datatable to HTML ( 2 ) (22)
Uipath x Pipefy Integration (14)
(shortcut) Trick to stop UiPath Robot while running (9)
POC PROJECT Workflow Template (5)
Connection with github projects for version control (3)
Feasibity to automate Mobile apps through UiPath and introduce a feature to pause the robot in between the execution and resume (2)
Text Summarization / Classfication Machine learning Algorithm to directly process unstructured data (8)
Export project to document (4)
Addition to Excel Activities for Pivots (2)
Generate new password and set credential (2)
Posting Photos to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram in Desktop (4)
Machine Learning,Artificial intelligence and NLP packages with RPA (2)
Create Website / Blog by just Pressing a Single Button ( WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, CodeIgniter ) (5)
Just Listen to Emails Now! (15)
Python as an activity into UiPath (7)
System Health Check as Reusable Custom Activity (2)
Snippet for Service NOw (4)
IT Service Management Connector (5)
Insert a picture to email body (2)
PowerPoint Activities as Custom Integrators (4)
Excel Column Hide/Unhide (2)
Custom Template Creation in Studio (2)
Package ID in Job Details (3)
Extract Text or subtitles From Video File (10)
Problem Detector - Proactive Fix (18)