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2018.3 Early access - Beta release ( 2 3 ) [18.3 Beta] (52)

You asked and we listened! We proudly present the best version of our UiPath Studio IDE yet. In this release we mainly focused on agility, reusability and runtime reliability. How to get your hands on it? Easy peasy: …

Managing Packages [18.3 Beta] (5)
What issues will come when we upgrade to new version. Which one best [18.3 Beta] (1)
#BetaFollow-up - Library (Reusable components) ( 2 ) [18.3 Beta] (24)

This is the first topic in the #BetaFollow-up series. First, big thanks to @MirceaGrigore who has helped put this in place. Today’s topic: Library (Reusable components). What is it? A Library is a collection of reusabl…

Unable to connect to Terminal using Reflection for UNIX in 2018.3 Beta [0x80080005 (CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE] [18.3 Beta] (4)
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Did UiPath 2018.2 version support GIT to perform preparation activity [Releases] (1)
Cannot use some expressions in libraries [18.3 Beta] (5)
Studio 2018.3.0 Beta UiPath.Studio.Contracts.RecoverableException [18.3 Beta] (4)
#BetaFollow-up - The new Package Manager [18.3 Beta] (16)

New day, new hot topic in the #BetaFollow-up series. This one is brought to you by @radutzp The new Package Manager I’m sure every one of you spent a lot of time waiting for the package list to load. And it always happe…

Suggestion with Japanese localization [18.3 Beta] (7)
#BetaFollow-up - Publishing improvement [18.3 Beta] (2)

Hi there! Let’s cover another new improvement in the life of RPA devs. Today’s topic: proper publishing capabilities. Remember the Publish button that would just automagically publish your process somewhere. You weren’t…

#BetaFollow-up - Debugging improvements in 18.3 [18.3 Beta] (7)

We at UiPath like debugging. And we like it even more in 18.3. Without further ado… New Default Debug Layout When you hit debug in 18.3 you will notice a new default layout that we think you will like. We have split you…

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Is UiPath license tagged to a particular version? Can a old version license be used in latest version? [Releases] (3)
#BetaFollow-up - Robot Tray improvements [18.3 Beta] (5)

With the new release we added a little more flexibility to our Robot tray… literally. Now it is resizable, moveable and much more. It received many small improvements meant to do Front Office users life easier, because y…

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