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How to add the UiPath Beta activity feed

To be able to download and use the beta activities, you will need to add this Beta activity feed in your Studio: To do so, please follow these steps: Click on the Manage Packages icon …

9 August 29, 2019
How to give a good answer?

How to give a good answer? First, I need to thank @siddharth for raising this topic and giving this idea for an FAQ on how to provide good answers to the questions being asked in the forum. And thank to @andrzej.kniola …

2 February 23, 2019
UiPath Best Practices wiki

We have recently seen two threads on the topic of best practices:…

3 August 2, 2019
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues If you encounter an issue with your Studio installation and or licensing issues, please follow the below procedure to re-install the …

13 July 15, 2019
Using Google Calendar for scheduling Orchestrator jobs

Orchestrator has the ability to schedule jobs, which is really nice. But won’t it be nice if you could use a graphical tool - like a calendar - to schedule and move them around? So when a new event starts in your calend…

1 February 26, 2019
Studio Community Edition - how to properly backup your settings

Please note that this guide is valid only for updating your Studio CE directly from the .EXE installer file. Your settings will NOT be removed if: your Studio CE is auto-updated you have Enterprise installation from the…

3 June 5, 2019
Your XAML Solutions for most common issues (WIKI POST, anyone can edit)

Hi everyone! I really liked the idea of @Jan_Brian_Despi I saw in his thread here: To see how much interest there would…

2 April 10, 2019
About the FAQ and Tutorials category 1 May 16, 2017
UiPath Documentation Updates

Because we like our job and we do it well, the online Studio, Robot, Orchestrator and Activities guides have become rather thick so to speak. Therefore we, the UiPath Documentation Team, figured that it would be a good …

2 November 23, 2018
How to ask a good question?

Without further ado: Before you ask… Community forum is not a helpdesk Let’s put this in the front - vast majority of people here do not work for UiPath. We’re volunteering our free time to help others and as much as it…

14 August 6, 2018
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TUTORIAL: Connect Power Query (Power BI) to Orchestrator API 11 September 10, 2019
How to log an incident in ServiceNow from UiPath when specific error occurs? 2 August 30, 2019
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How to Integrate PowerShell with UiPath- Step by Step guide 5 August 29, 2019
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UiPath ReFrameWork 3 June 20, 2019
Tutorial: Detect if SAP GUI is Installed and Which Version 3 August 6, 2019
Tutorial: How To Get Settings From SAP GUI Scripting 1 July 27, 2019
Tutorial: Which Theme uses SAP GUI for Windows 1 July 28, 2019
Get Exchange Mail Messages : The response received from the service didn't contain valid XML 1 December 10, 2018
Tutorial on MYSQL connection on Localhost or remote VM 8 July 12, 2019
Mini-tut: getting started with Python 6 July 3, 2019
Error 500 when navigating to Orchestrator instance from your Cloud Account 23 July 1, 2019
Sum of a 12+30+30 which is in a row of a column 2 February 3, 2019
Convert datetime to week of year (weeknumber) 4 June 28, 2019
Side-by-side configuration is incorrect 10 June 27, 2019
Another Way to use SAP Remote Function Calls (RFC) with UiPath 4 June 20, 2019